Setting up Doomsday is easy and should work with most platforms and hardware configurations:

  • Download the latest version here
  • Install as usual
  • Obtain legal copies of DOOM (Ultimate, Hell on Earth and Final) Heretic (Shadow of the Serpent Riders) and Hexen
  • Copy their .WAD files to a directory and setup Doomsday to use that directory as the WAD directory


Playing Doomsday on Reborn is easy, the games are added to the Master Server list automatically, manually connecting is also possible, see below.


  • Start Doomsday
  • “Connect to Server”
    • for Ultimate DOOM
    • for DOOM 2: Hell on Earth
    • for Final DOOM: Plutonia Experiment
    • for Final DOOM: TNT Evilution
    • for Heretic – Shadow of the Serpent Riders
    • for Hexen – Beyond Heretic
    • for Hexen: Death Kings of Dark Citadel