World of Warcraft

Getting started on the World of Warcraft realm is quite straightforward, follow these steps:

  • Download and extract the client software
  • Install World of Warcraft as usual via the executable, don’t start the game yet
    • Install the included patch 1.12, and exit the launcher
    • Install the included patch 1.12.1, and exit the launcher
  • Open the file, found in the installation directory, with a text editor
    • Edit the file to say: set realmlist
  • Create a shortcut to WoW.exe, the included Launcher.exe shortcut won’t work
  • Please contact me for a free account!


Optionally, download the Vanilla Addon Pack v2 and extract it.

Inside you’ll find some popular and useful addons which you can extract and place into your <GAMEDIR>\Interface\AddOns directory.