Updated Doomsday to 2.1.x release

Doomsday has now been updated from it’s 1.x to the current 2.1.x release.

You’ll need at least a 2.x release version client to be able to see and join the servers!

Now also available on IPv6

IPv6 has been live on my connection for a while, but now I’ve made the website and several important functions, such as XMPP, Mumble and Doomsday also available on IPv6!

Modded Minecraft server now live!

By popular demand we now have a modded Minecraft server, it’s a Spigot 1.10.2 server


To learn more about setting it up and joining, checkout the new Minecraft -> Getting Started area!

Software update

Java & Minecraft have both been upgraded to their newest release!

Doomsday & Minecraft

The faster server has allowed me to bring the other Doomsday games back up.
Welcome back to the DOOM expansions and Hexen and it’s expansion! :-)

I’m now also running two closed, whitelisted, Minecraft server (vanilla survival and vanilla creative), if you’re interested in joining, feel free to drop me a line either by messaging me here, contacting me on XMPP, or posting on the forum!