Category: Technical

New connection, again!

Now running on 100/100, far higher upload than previously, and a much lower latency optical fiber connection!

DNSSEC activated

DNSSEC has been activated on the domain, helping the XMPP / Jabber, Mumble, website and other services to be better protected against Man-in-the-Middle attacks. *yay*

PvPGN ladders are back from being gone

After the PHP7 update the deprecated PHP4 scripts were left broken, now they’ve been updated to PHP7 and everything is back as it was.

Check it out!

New PvPGN server version live

Updated PvPGN 1.99 from 2011 to a properly maintained new version:
For players this means you can play with fewer hickups, bugs, instability and crashes, enjoy :-)

Now also available on IPv6

IPv6 has been live on my connection for a while, but now I’ve made the website and several important functions, such as XMPP, Mumble and Doomsday also available on IPv6!