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Long due update

Some quick tidbits:

  • We’re now hosted on a 200/200Mbit fiber connection
  • Server received a major upgrade
  • PvPGN-Pro has now been updated to version
  • Doomsday has now been updated to version 2.1.1
  • ARK is offline; the client required heaps of RAM and wasn’t very stable long term
  • Minecraft servers have been removed for similar reasons
  • Still going strong: PvPGN, Doomsday & WoW

PvPGN ladders are back from being gone

After the PHP7 update the deprecated PHP4 scripts were left broken, now they’ve been updated to PHP7 and everything is back as it was.

Check it out!

New PvPGN server version live

Updated PvPGN 1.99 from 2011 to a properly maintained new version:
For players this means you can play with fewer hickups, bugs, instability and crashes, enjoy :-)

Diablo II “Getting started” also done

Check it out!

Finally got around to making it, took a while with all the pictures, but it’s turned out to be a good guide on how to get the game to work optimally!

Reborn online ladder is live

Check out the brand new ladder tab :-D